Whether from Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, or the Carolinas, southern BBQ is the sweetest and most sultry taste around.

Complete with all the fixings, our southern comfort food is sure to satisfy any appetite. At Hitchhiker, we provide an experience like no other. We believe that our food is revolutionizing the barbeque industries. all of our meats are cook over woods for many hours to create an old fashion taste that will make you holla.

We are ready to deliver our products to you, from our porch to your porch. All orders are shipped on the third day.

The first day- your order is processed and cooked. The second day we freeze your order and on Day 3 your order is shipped. If you hesitate, you can't taste it. Don't hesitate!

WOW! ONLY $7.50 for shipping. Take advantage order multiple items!